Our Process

At Audible Financial, our goal is to help you make the most of your life today while you prepare for a great tomorrow. We build personal relationships and give you clarity about your financial situation, offering timely direction and
guidance so you feel confident moving toward your goals.

Step I: Assess

We start by learning about you—we’ll ask about your values, hopes, fears, and goals so we understand the purpose behind our work together. Our objective is to dig past the surface and discover what truly motivates you, keeps you up at night, and what you most want your wealth to accomplish. Then we’ll review your financial situation and look for opportunities you can leverage, risks that need to be addressed, and challenges to prepare for.

Step II: Strategize

Once we know more about your situation, we’ll help you understand where you are and how to prepare for your next steps. Our process is highly collaborative, and we’ll spend time educating you and working together to identify the most effective way forward. Our objective is to create a comprehensive strategy that addresses both your long- and short-term goals, but if there’s something that needs to be done immediately, we’ll work on it in tandem with the bigger picture.

Step III: Implement

From there, we help coordinate the resources, strategies, and professionals you need to accomplish your goals. As you focus on your career, business, family—anything that matters to you—we’re there to offer clarity, guidance, and feedback to help you stay on track and build the life you want. As you grow, we know your goals and situation may change, so we help you adjust your strategies as your life evolves. Throughout the process, our mission is to support all your hard work and vision so you can enjoy each day and have confidence about tomorrow.